Spa Jet Buying Guide

Important Jet Internal Information:

*** Before you place your order, please note the following information ***

  • Though most all hot tub manufacturers are available by special order, for the most part, stocks two major manufacturers of jet internals; Waterway & Custom Molded.  These two brands and their parts are not always 100% interchangeable.  As many jets do look very similar, please confirm you have all the same brand in your shopping cart.  Item #’s for Waterway Jet Internals will generally be shown here on with a 210, or 212. Custom Molded Jet Internals will start with an 820 Item #.
  • Before you place your order – Jets Internals come in many, many different colors.  When ordering multiple Jet Internals, it is not uncommon for there to be a misleading photograph, or just let a simple detail slip by.  Please note the following guide, and ensure your items are all the same color to avoid order complications, delays, additional shipping charges, and potentially a restocking fee.  We here at want you happy the first time around!  The following can be in multiple configurations, but should more or less match on all products you select.
    • W – White
    • B or Blk – Black
    • G or GRY – Gray, Standard Gray, NOT Graphite or Black
    • DSG – Waterway Designation for Graphite
    • Graphite – Items with this in the title are typically from the Custom Molded line
    • SS or (SS) – Notes that the item has Stainless Steel trim or accents.
    • Swirl – New Waterawy style, very distinctive compared to the other selections available
  • When replacing Jet Internals, it’s also important to note that you are at a cross roads, and have the opportunity to really customize or revitalize your hot tub.  As noted above, that your color selections, and manufacturer/brand of choice should all match, it’s also important to point out that Jet Internals with same tiles are generally interchangeable.  Terms to watch for are as follows;
    • Cluster Storm – Waterway
    • Mini Storm – Waterway
    • Poly Storm – Waterway
    • Power Storm – Waterway
    • Typhoon – Custom Molded

Simply put, if your manual says you need an “Adjustable Poly Storm”, but you like the Roto, Twin Roto, or Massage Jets better, they are generally interchangeable.  Just look at all the Poly Storm and choose the one you like.  As we touched on above, when buying multiple jets or an entire set, not only is it sometimes cheaper to chose a more modern color, it will completely change the look of your Hot Tub!